sabato 29 giugno 2013

Summer Sales

It's that time of year again, the sun is shining and summer sales begin!
I'm wearing all black in protest.

domenica 12 maggio 2013

The bus stop

Me and my Chanel bag are waiting for the bus. 
But the bus is late.
Or the bus isn't coming at all.

lunedì 6 maggio 2013

My vintage fake Chanel bag

I bought this old bag a few days ago at a flea market. I think it's from the 80's.
The logo is wrong but the bag is so cute!
The leather in the chain leaves color on my clothes and I've just ruined the jacket I wore for my graduation, but nevermind!! >:
It's too cute!:)

domenica 14 aprile 2013

Reading on the underground

I hate when the person sitting next to me on the underground looks at what I'm reading.
I'm reading a Children's book, ok? It's a book with pictures, ok? Don't look at me!!!

(look at my hands..what a shame, I can't draw)

lunedì 8 aprile 2013

venerdì 5 aprile 2013

venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Yeeeeyyy!!! It's Christmas time!!
Can't wait to open my presents!!

Enjoy your Christmas!!

giovedì 15 dicembre 2011

The Animal Print Shop

I discovered these incredibly beautiful prints from The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose!

This is the book:

These are from the section "Little darlings":


Have a nice day!

mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011


The color on the cheeks is Chanel nail polish...soooooo chic.... ;)
Have a supernice evening!