domenica 31 luglio 2011


I'm leaving with my boyfriend for Bilbao!
Many kisses to all of you!

mercoledì 27 luglio 2011


...I miss my University times.
Being a student: coffee, books, friends, exams, lessons...
I would like to be a student forever.
I'm pretty happy with my job,anyway!

giovedì 21 luglio 2011

The end of my day off

My day off is turning to the end.
And tomorrow: public transport strike!Yep!
Have a relaxing evening!( I'm trying to...)

martedì 19 luglio 2011

Nerdy by Nature

I discovered this Frankie Magazine editorial a little late. Whatever. I love glasses.
It's a love forced by nature...

Tha discovery took place here:
Have a supernice day!

lunedì 4 luglio 2011

Hey Mia!

Mia, we have the same haircut! But you don't wear glasses...I'm sorry for you!

I'm soooo busy!